Timexpert SRNS   

Intensify your stress capital day and night

With maturity, the energy and vital functions of the skin's cells begin to diminish and external aggression leaves its mark on them. It is the time when the signs of ageing begin to be noticed: wrinkles, flaccidity, dryness, lack of comfort, etc.

Do you know stress capital?

The beauty of the skin and its youthfulness depend greatly on its Stress Capital, that is, the defence capacity the skin has against environmental stress. Throughout its life, the skin suffers exaggerated and continuous aggression that produces a gradual loss of this defence and regeneration power. The Stress Capital is exhausted and the first signs of ageing appear.

Following the most updated advances in cosmetic technology, Germaine de Capuccini has developed Timexpert SRNS, especially created to protect mature skin's Stress Capital. It provides the essential reinforcement that allows the skin to defend itself against environmental stress during the day and to reactivate the mechanisms of cellular regeneration during the night.

Available Products
  • $1,216.00
    T Srns Repair Night Progress 50 Ml
  • $716.00
    T Srns Repair Night Progress Eye 15 Ml
  • $532.00
    T Srns Eyes Illuminating Detox
  • $751.00
    T Srns Art & Beauty Rec Cr 50
  • $751.00
    T Srns Beauty Diamonds Recov Cr 50ml
  • $1,232.00
    T Srns Beauty Diamonds Rep Night 50ml
  • $1,237.00
    T Srns (rep Night 50ml+recov Cr 30 Ml)15
  • $818.00
    T Srns Tres Jolie Recov Cream 50ml
  • $751.00
    T Srns Laun Prom High Repair 75ml + 30ml
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