In today's society it is only natural that we look at everything that nature has to offer with more than normal interest. Highly active and effective products against all kinds of problems can be directly obtained from nature. One of these special natural products is the highly antiseptic Tea Tree oil from Australia.

Now that the medical profession has realised that antibiotics and medicines are not always suitable for minor ailments, Tea Tree Oil is becoming increasingly important as natural first-aid in a bottle. It is not for nothing that this oil is increasingly used by specialists for skin problems. In close cooperation with the largest Tea Tree plantation in Australia, Courtin has put together a special complete range of face, body and foot care products in salon and sales packaging. The Tea Tree oil that is processed in the Courtin products is a 100% pure and natural oil with no artificial additives.

Courtin has various product lines in the range that can be divided into the following categories: